December 1, 2013


Well, after a long few months of wanting to go to the famous Farnes and dive with the Seals I got my chance, so a few of us arranged to meet up at the NK sports centre at a nice time of 6am (oh well sleep-in gone again but it will be worth it).  We were soon on our way, I was thinking YES! Farnes HERE I COME, LETS GET WET!!!  3 and a half hours later, Farnes I’m here, ropes due off at 10:30 with a nice size boat, so we all load her up and ropes off.

After about 20/30 minutes we were at the dive spot, we were looking at 1000’s of seals on the rocks, some big, some small and a few bobbing up and down in the water looking at us.  At this point I was buddied up with Richard.   A few minutes later we were in the water, got the signal off my buddy Richard to descend so I could not wait any longer, I started to descend and that is when it happened…the worst viz I’ve ever seen, it must of been a whole 2 foot with a torch; “see seals” I couldn’t see my hand, never mind seals.  I wouldn’t have known if one was kissing me, never mind next to me.  So I made contact with Richard and we found the bottom and bimbled around for a while not seeing much or finding much so we then made our assent, a nice cup of coffee was welcome on board.

The second dive was soon up on us and my buddy Richard was on his way to having a cold (I think it’s something to do with having a dry suit that has the same water tightness as a tea bag).  So this dive I was buddied up with Malcolm, not sure if he was happy with this or not as the next time I looked over he was being sick over the side??  Oh well feeding the fish is good I suppose!  Anyway we wide-stepped in, I think we were the 3rd pair in, and everyone else went right while for some reason we went left, strange!!  The viz was better, must have been a whole 1 mtr this time (well at least I could see my buddy this time, not just his torch down at the bottom.  We found kelp about 2/3 foot deep, a few urchins, the odd star fish but still no seals and after about 25 minutes Malcolm made it clear he wanted to call it a day as he wanted to be sick again!!  (Well at least I now know it was him who was sick and not me who made him sick!)  So up at the surface, bugger me seals all around, “do these thing not swim under water” I was starting to think or is it that they just did not want to swim with me??

Back on the boat all the long stories started; Keith had a seal pulling his leg, Jamie had one pulling his arm and looking at the marks on the dry suit it must have been having a good old battle.  I do think most people did get to swim with seals and had a good old time.  Even though I did not swim with seals I do think all enjoyed the day but for me it’s a good excuse to go back…so if anyone is willing I’m listening… lol.

Brian Nevison