July 8, 2018


8th July 2018, a group of divers from Lincoln Branch and Misterton Branch joined forces and took 2 boats up to Bridlington for a dive in the sunshine. The plan was to dive the HMS Falmouth and The Dunstaffnage.


A relatively laid back leaving time of 8am from Lincoln (in comparison to some trips) we made our way up to the launch site at Bridlington. Both boats quickly loaded with kit and divers in drysuits it was time to go!


With James, Tony, Andrew, Andy, Tracey Clive and myself (Tom) in the Lincoln boat, IMP Diver and Steve, Phil, Stan, Matthew, Timbo and Alan in Mistertons boat, Misty Diver. We were towed down to the beach by tractor and launched into a very pleasant calm sea. There was a little bit of cloud cover at this time and a bit of mist in the distance but that soon burned through on our way out to the Falmouth.


We arrived at the Falmouth dive site where someone had very kindly left a buoy marking its position, handy! We tied off to the buoy and kitted up. One by one in our buddy pairs we entered the water and descended the 20m to the bottom. The visibility was fairly good with the exception of the odd cloud of silt. I was diving with Andrew and when we reached the bottom we were greeted by a good variety of wildlife. Crabs, Lobsters and Ling to name a few. The wreck laid close to the sea bed, having been torpedoed in 1916 it has had a good battering from the sea since. Portions of the wreck are still identifiable, the boilers and engine parts. Andrew and myself found and caught a few crabs along the way, unfortunately none big enough for dinner! We lost the shot line on the way back so surface on a DSMB and surface swam back to the boat. The sea at this point was like diving in a pond.


After everyone was back up and dekitted, lunch was had and experiences swapped, we headed to the site of the Dunstaffnage just off Flamborough head. To kill a bit more time on the surface interval Steve pulled out his fishing rod for a bit of mackerel fishing. 12 mackerel later and it was time for the 2nd dive.


Same buddy pairs again, Andrew and myself dropped in and made our way down the line to find the shot had been expertly placed in one of the only holes on top of the boilers! The visability this time however was not so great. Maybe 1-1.5m at the most. It was a lot darker dive however the wreck and certainly inside the boilers there was again masses of life. Crabs in every hole you looked in and the occasional squat lobster. We stayed fairly close to the boilers and the surrounding wreck for ease of finding the shot again. Half an hour or so later and we surfaced.


With everyone back on the boats, enjoying the glorious sunshine, it was time to make our way back to shore.


Boats recovered, kit off and washed down. Time for chips!