Welcome to Lincoln and District Sub Aqua Club

At Lincoln and District Sub Aqua Club we welcome all divers and non divers of any skill level. We have over 40 diving members from new trainees to advanced instructors. If you are looking to get into diving, progress your diving or just go diving with a really friendly bunch, look no further!

Already Qualified?

We welcome all divers from any background to join us! We can offer crossover certification from all major diving agencies to BSAC don’t worry if you haven’t dived in a while, we have plenty of people at our club willing to help you blow off the cobwebs. Even if you dont have any kit, we have kit available to hire for all members.

Want to learn to dive?

Jump right in with us, come and experience what its like to breathe underwater. Get in touch to book a TRY DIVE with one of our experienced divers. You will receive a full brief on the kit, what it does and how it works, a session in the pool and a full debrief complete with certificate.

Is it too cold to dive in the UK?

No not at all! Granted we aren’t quite as close to the equator as we would like to be, but with a good drysuit and under-suit you will be snug as a bug in a rug!

The UK offers some of the most thrilling, challenging and rewarding diving you are ever likely to come across.